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WHEN Jewellery Forgets Fineness

WHEN Jewellery Forgets Fineness

We Often Tend To Make Big Purchases And End Up Regretting What We Got Ourselves Into. If You Don’t Want To Regret Your Next Purchase, Read Ahead And Decide For Yourself!

Jewellery personifies as a great accessory for any outfit, but if you’re not careful about what kind of jewellery you buy and wear, you can experience some serious problems. When it comes to fashion, we often find ourselves gravitating towards the most beautiful, eye-catching jewellery.

But what we don’t often realize is that wearing the wrong type of statement piece can cause us major discomfort. However,
for individuals with sensitive skin, wearing regular jewellery can be a struggle. As skin reactions and allergies can turn a fashion statement into a source of discomfort, its essential to be well-versed with your purchases.

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Thus, we’ve also got you a necklace, and let’s find out if you should give it a hit or a miss. So, what really caught our eye is a gold-tone and taffeta necklace by the French brand, Jacquemus. It looks chic, but what goes inside is something we wanted to bring your attention to.

This necklace is threaded with wispy taffeta ribbons, despite taffeta being a plush, luxurious finish fabric, but there are certain drawbacks that you’ll need to consider. For starters, this material can wrinkle very easily, and you may see threads wearing out of the necklace. On the very first use, you’ll find threads out of the necklace, which is something we don’t expect coming from a luxury brand and is quite a disappointment.

If you pay close attention to the pictures of the necklace, you may evidence that the ribbons don’t have a fine ending to it. In our opinion, jewellery is all about fineness and styling it remarkably. But, if the fineness is lacking already, we doubt its wearability as a necklace. Once threads tend to start coming out, the necklace will begin to look cheap. If a jewellery piece doesn’t speak sophistication, lacks finishing, and fails in terms of durability, we tend to have major doubts about styling it.

It’s very saddening to tell our readers, but that’s not all. One more downside of this necklace is due to these bulbous gold-tone spheres. With the spheres being so heavy, and the taffeta ribbons material being so delicate and lightweight, the necklace  lacks complete balance to it.

Once you wear this necklace, it will slide and rotate over your neck, leading to the necklace rubbing against your skin, which in turn will lead to redness. If you were eyeing this necklace, we would ask you to think twice.

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