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Masculine Fragrance, Unisex Reflection

Masculine Fragrance, Unisex Reflection

A Global Leading Luxurious Brand Got Us Thinking Twice While Spraying A Fragrance, Do You Want To Know Which One And
How? Read Ahead And Find It Yourself!

The leading luxury Italian brand Gucci has recently launched Gucci Guilty Elixir Pour Homme, which is a new variation on 2011’s Gucci Guilty Pour Homme for men. To us, it feels like there isn’t enough balance between the warm spice scent and the iris in the fragrance. It also leans too far into the floral aromas and resultingly, it just doesn’t vibe rightly. We think it’s just too heavily infused in powered florals, as we sensed some spiciness which makes it a fall/winter scent.

Moreover, this smells like a literal modern – day version of Joop… while still smelling very outdated. On the contrary, it doesn’t
significantly smell original or unique. In fact, it is almost a touch offensive. With keeping everything else aside, it definitely leans more unisex than solely masculine, being too floral and sour to be a men’s fragrance. But we believe it could suit a formal attire and colder weather situation.

Talking about the Orange blossom it boasts? We can’t really find any here, at least in the sense of sunny, citric, indolic, tangy, and syrupy. Orange blossom absolutes can have a leathery and balsamic side, and that’s what we find blown up in this “Elixir De Parfum Pour Homme”.


One thing we would be very honest about with our readers, is that it’s not a very original fragrance and the notes seem very artificial. It opens up with a somewhat synthetic leathery tone. While vanilla and Orris are also present in the scent, the benzoin dominates and has a leathery base in the dry down.

So, if you are someone who likes powerful “designer” fragrances this might be for you. Its soul is highly synthetic and lab-
souped, with being kind of fatty and greasy, though it does last a while but it’s so easy to get your nose blinded to it with all the synthetics.

We don’t think this is a mass appealing fragrance, as it is more suitable for an older gentleman maybe around 50’s-70’s. It is a long lasting and high projecting scent, with a musky smell which feels more feminine than masculine. All in all, this is an odd mix of scents that don’t really go together, while definitely not being a purely masculine cologne, but a deodorant.

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