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Crumbly And Chalky Together!

Crumbly And Chalky Together!

Eye Shadows Are The Perfect Tool To Give Dimension To Your Eyes. So, Let’s Find Out If The One We Got For You Is A Hit Or A Miss!

The idea of opting for matte eyeshadow may seem a bit bland at first. While sparkly eye makeup may have a special place in your heart, you can make a huge impact with your matte eyeshadow, too. All you need is the right eyeshadow wand covering your needs to make your eyes the centre of attention. So, let’s dig in and find if Laura Mercier, Caviar Stick Matte Eye Shadow is a foolproof product to add some pizzazz to your look or not.

If you were hoping for a bright shimmery eyeshadow, sadly, this isn’t it. Turns out it’s like a clear wax stick that you wouldn’t
expect something to be this “blah” as it doesn’t not show up as prominent on the skin. In case you’re looking for it to blend well on the eyelid, we’re here to tell you that when applied, it appears smudgy, sticky, and hard to remove, making the texture
feel weird and giving a cakey look because it can’t be applied evenly on the lid.

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While getting into the deets, we recollected and found this eyeshadow to be similar to drawing with a Crayola crayon. Waxy and crumbly, as it will literally crumble the moment it touches your eye.

Because the downside of this product is that one can’t use this product as an eye shadow alone, as it makes eyelids seem a bit muddy. So, we have some suggestions to make, first off, doing a quick sweep of powder over your eyelids before applying eyeliner would fix it. If you don’t, your eyeliner will imprint on the tacky surface as the eye shadow stick leaves traces on your lids, and that’s annoying to fix.

Without eyeliner, using it as a base coat for your eyeshadow and then using some shimmery colours over it is advisable to get this to look nice on the lid. It works better in the form of a base eyeshadow, but when you finally blend it well enough. And not at all to forget, you definitely need a primer to help it stick, if applied without primer, it will appear as if you have bruises on your eyes. Moving ahead from its chalkiness and skipping to the good part, the product’s colour payoff is alright and long-lasting.

All in all, we can say this Laura Mercier eye shadow is not a stand-alone product. Needing other products to hold its presence, is something we don’t expect from luxury products. Thus, the decision is all yours, if you’re looking for an eye shadow just for
the ‘hue’ and the ‘an lasting’ part, this is all yours.

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