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Get Creative With Styling Your Plants!

Get Creative With Styling Your Plants!

With A Few Scandi Design Touches, Even The Smallest Outdoor Space Can Be Transformed. So, Help Yourself With Your Brand-New Garden Retreat.

Are you looking to refresh your garden? Why not consider tapping into a pared-back Scandinavian style. Our outdoor spaces have become much-needed places of refuge as of late, so now is the perfect time to transform them.

Whether it’s secrets to living a happier life or how to create a cosy, minimalist aesthetic in our homes, our love affair with scandinavian garden has picked up momentum in recent years. But there are some key considerations to make. Treat this secluded spot as a digital-free zone and as somewhere to relax and de-stress away from gadgets and screens; this is crucial to boost happiness and wellbeing. For the design, have a look at the Scandi interior inspiration and embrace the principles of lagom for a sense of balance. Think minimalist furniture, plants, faux-fur throws, bunting and soft lighting.

So, get some inspiration below…



Scandinavian design is one that’s celebrated by many, thanks to its inviting, calm and simplistic feel. To get started on transforming your space, choose which area outside you want to work on (if you can, opt for a spot that catches the sun). Next, define the space using seating, flooring, cushions and large outdoor plant pots. If you are using a wall or garden fence, you could grace the section with artwork (metal or stone is best to withstand the elements) to further enhance the feeling of an extra room. Don’t forget to add some form of shade for hot days; a canvas awning or sail shade are inexpensive, yet stylish options.


If you have a patio or raised decking area, make the most of it. Choose a corner to place cosy cushions, warm throws, fairy lights, garden hammocks or lanterns to easily transform it into a charming seating area. Remember, with Scandinavian design, minimalism is key; don’t go overboard with accessories but also don’t be afraid to experiment with textures and neutral colours. Alternatively, if you have a smaller garden without a patio, you can create your own seating area using pallets or wooden crates.


Much of Scandinavian design is inspired by nature, Nordic forests and the sprawling green spaces they have around them. When creating your own Scandi retreat, incorporate natural textures such as rattan, wicker furniture, cotton, stone, leather,
linen and faux-fur throws. Keep the colour palette cool and calm: white, greys and soft hues of beige will tick all the right Scandi boxes.

If you’re a city-dweller with a balcony then why not transform your space with fairy lights, a small bistro table, plants and delightfully soft cushions.

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