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Witness All Glory

From Adopting Timeless Accessories As A Part Of Their Own Fashion Sense To Setting Up The Right Cues While Breaking All
The Boundaries. We Have Curated Accessories Gay Guys Could Wear Without Any Fear Of Being Outed For Dressing “Too Gay.”

For someone who’s known they were gay since birth: Clothing is a manifesto. It’s a mission statement, a mood, a public declaration of self and intent. For some, fashion is a means of definition; for others, it’s a small part of a very big, colorful picture. The connection between fashion and identity is so coherent (and multicolored). But, as anyone who had to come out can tell you, it hasn’t always been that way.

There’s this idea that fashion can act as an armor, a shield that protects us from outside judgment and misinterpretation. And it does.

Gays have always been here, shaping culture from the margins. It’s undeniable: they make great art, look fabulous, and have an incredible taste. Not only do they serve a sexual purpose, but they can also add a touch of panache to any outfit. They don’t have to be wearing seven-color, primary-hued rainbows head to toe to be visibly queer.

You can make your queerness visible to the community, even without the rainbows. And we see you! Here are some of the easiest aesthetic cues for flexing your LGBTQ energy without a rainbow in sight and to add an extra element of flair to any

Don’t be afraid to experiment—most of looking hot, and feeling comfortable enough to flaunt it. Whether you choose classic black or go for something bolder, you’ll be sure to make heads turn. As a super easy way to signal your fabulousness is to throw on an extremely flamboyant but gorg accessory, like these fuzzy pieces we got for you! Now that’s how you do pride merch.



1. CELINE HOMME, Sequinned Wool Beanie, approx. Rs. 72,020

2. GIVENCHY, 3cm Crystal-Embellished Leather Belt, approx. Rs. 218,500

3. ALEXANDER MCQUEEN, The Knuckle Embellished Leather Messenger Bag, approx. Rs. 207,930

4. SPINELLI KILCOLLIN, Scorpio Gold and Silver Diamond Ring, approx. Rs. 439,910

1. GUCCI, + Angela Nguyen GG Supreme Printed Leather-Trimmed Coated-Canvas Tote Bag, approx. Rs. 174,900

2. CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN, Loubilink Studded Rubber Bracelet, approx. Rs. 17,090

3. PAUL SMITH, Silver-Tone Enamel Cufflinks, approx. Rs. 14,650

4. CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN, Loubi Spiked Leather Belt, approx. Rs. 62,250


1. ACNE STUDIOS, Akotina Rose Silver-Tone and Satin Lapel Pin, approx. Rs. 14,650

2. GIVENCHY, + (b). STROY Embroidered Printed Logo-Jacquard Denim Baseball Cap, approx. Rs. 52,490

3. OCTAVIA ELIZABETH, Nesting Gem Gold Amethyst Single Hoop Earring, approx. Rs. 83,890

4. TOM FORD, Silk-Satin Cummerbund, approx. Rs. 37,130


1. CELINE HOMME, Logo-Print Cotton-Gabardine Bucket Hat, approx. Rs. 39,670

2. SPINELLI KILCOLLIN, Gold Diamond Single Hoop Earring, approx. Rs. 241,700

3. MATEO, Riviera Gold Topaz Necklace, approx. Rs. 948,470

4. PAUL SMITH, 3cm Woven Leather Belt, approx. Rs. 18,310

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