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Enhancing Your Cookhouse

Enhancing Your Cookhouse

Ready To Experience The Sophistication Of A Contemporary Kitchen? With Our Unique Recommendations For Stylish And Modular Kitchen Interior Designs, We’ve Got You Covered.

Modernity in the West during the first half of the 20th century meant new formats for new ideas, including the emergence of new art forms and the creation of new goods and technologies. One element of society which has witnessed the effects of modernity (and for the good) is space? Be it a home, a studio, a workplace, or anywhere else where one has to spend most of their time, everything has moved from aesthetics to minimalism with a classy touch of modernity. And honestly, we all have been loving this change. Interior design is a dynamic industry that is constantly evolving and expanding. In order to determine the upcoming design trends that we can anticipate observing over the coming few months, here we are entering the year 2023 with some space inspo.

According to predictions, one thing that is going to rule the world is the interior design trend in 2023. From the hottest cabinet materials to the most popular wall paint colours. There is nothing that can go missing from the eyes of an interior designer. Other than just being stylish, the place in a home that used to be the most chaotic at everyone’s place at a time has become the chicest-the kitchens of our houses.

Since kitchen is unquestionably the centre of a modern home, you want it to appear at its best, and why not. Get ideas for incorporating the newest kitchen design styles into your house, from colourful cabinets and gold accents to statement backsplashes and unexpected range hoods.

If you are someone who has been going gaga over the Instagram-able kitchens and the finesse that comes with them, look no
further. This time, we’ve brought to you the best designs for your modern and modular kitchen to amp up the experience of cooking.



Beginning from the showstopper of the kitchen, it’s time to add bold backsplashes to your kitchen to steal the show on your next house party. With such a vast variety of tiles available, there is no way you are keeping up with those average–looking tiles, are you? To encase your kitchen, which is undoubtedly the highlight of any home, choose the colour combination of colours that goes really well with each other. This will not only add grace to your cookhouse but also enhances its look.

Additionally, you can also introduce a dramatic hint to the flooring rather than opting for the same–old wooden flooring everybody gives a green signal to. Afterall, Floors bring an element of warmth to the entire look of a kitchen space.


A bright and airy kitchen takes no time to grab the eye of a guest that visits your home. A healthy dose of colour added to the cabinets of a kitchen can revamp the whole look of your cooking space. Running right through the room from top to bottom, now you can even hide your appliances in the beauty of cabinets choosing from the never-ending colour palette. From soothing pastels to bold hues, coloured cabinets can add a beautiful depth and dimension to your kitchen.


No way you’re still clinging to the same – old range hoods. To complement your timeless kitchen interiors, there is nothing better than a matching hood with some classic detailing attached to it. Modern cabinets with traditional marble countertops work really well together in an open kitchen. A hammered metal range hood adds an industrial touch to the room, while exposed timbers give it a rustic touch. With a bold, flared shape, this range hood flips the conventional model on its head. Choose a colour that is subtle so that it will blend in with the traditional subway tile backsplash in the backdrop despite the
striking shape.


The kitchen’s elegant, beam-covered ceilings are adorned with a variety of hanging lights, making the room well-lit and fashionable. The kitchen in the mid-century modern style feels light and open thanks to geometric gold pendants. The spacious island, hardwood floors, and exposed shelving on a striking glass feature wall are all features of the open- concept kitchen. Even though the place may be tiny, it will never feel that way thanks to low-profile lighting fixtures, high ceilings and a wall of windows. The whole family can sit around a large island that has been built with industrial-style barstools. For the
purpose of reflecting the surroundings, trim work and other elements can also be added.

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