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Time To Pull Up Your Socks

Time To Pull Up Your Socks

Time To Get Rid Of Those Boring Grey, Blue, Black And White Socks. We Have Some Contemporary Socks Pairs For You That Will Compliment Your Kicks The Best. Take A Look!

If you’re going for a versatile statement for your feet with the latest and trendy pair of kicks, make sure you refurbish those old socks too. A sock serves as the first line of defence for your feet. Beyond shielding your feet from blisters and preventing rubbing from your shoes, socks have so much more to offer. By helping to regulate temperature and moisture, they help create an optimal environment. But who said that your kick’s best friends have to be basic? Other than just reducing foot sweat, socks can also be pulled off in style. Over time, we’ve brought to you the ultimate fashion pieces which are top not in all the departments, especially when it comes to quality and newness. Where quality is concerned, cotton for the hot days and woollen for the days with silly winds are great materials for socks because of their inherent ability to absorb moisture or keep your sensitive feet warm. Once more, improvements in clothing materials have made it possible for socks to outperform cotton, and this time, without missing out on style. Here is your sign to get your hands on some cool and quirky socks to add to your fashion ensembles this season.


OFF-WHITE, Arrow Bookish Ribbed Stretch Cotton- Blend Socks, approx. Rs. 8,640

WILLIAM LOCKIE, Ribbed Cashmere-
Blend Socks, approx. Rs. 5,760

ACNE STUDIOS, Logo-Jacquard Cotton-Blend Socks, approx. Rs. 4,930

PAUL SMITH, Ulysses Striped Ribbed Cotton-Blend Socks, approx. Rs. 3,290

GUCCI, Logo-Jacquard Cotton-Blend Socks, approx. Rs. 18,100

 LORO PIANA, Colour-Block Wool Socks, approx. Rs. 10,280

CELINE HOMME, Tie- Dyed Cotton Socks, approx. Rs. 10,300

ALEXANDER MCQUEEN, Intarsia Cotton-Blend Socks, approx. Rs. 9,050

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