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Ode To Liveliness


For Autumn Winter 2023-2024. Milan Fashion Week Is No Turning Back: From A Brand Which Is Known For Its Unconventional Collaborations To The Brand Whose Models Do More Than Just Walk We Have Covered All.

Milan confirmed its not–to–be–missed status with designers getting their mojo back, delivering new takes on archival icons and turning the fashion show concept on its head. We are constantly mesmerised by the splendour of fashion weeks. The Fall/Winter 2023 Milan Fashion Week was a mashup of enthusiasm, liveliness, and elegance. From Diesel’s sex positivity to Sunnei overturning the idea of a fashion show.

The Fashion month started in New York City, moved on to London, and now the third leg of Fashion Month will kick off at Milan Fashion Week for Fall/Winter 2023. Trends popped up from previews of the fall and winter collections throughout fashion week on the runway. The fashion affair had everything from statement footwear to sheer clothing and sartorial creations with exquisite silhouettes and tailoring. Isn’t it true that no fashion week would be complete without some eye-catching events and new fashion trends? From model’s crowd surfing to celebrities stealing the spotlight, have a look at some of the most memorable moments and highlights from Sunnei and Diesel at Milan Fashion Week 2023, which have taken the fashion sphere by storm.



Everyone enjoys a quality presentation but the only way to really get stuck in the public’s craw is by doing something really unexpected. In Milan, at Sunnei’s fall 2023 show, there was a standing-room-only crowd, which made the scene look like a concert, except with a catwalk instead of a stage and editors in full looks instead of fans in band tees.

Models walked the runway like rockstars, spinning around at the end of the platform to trust-fall into a pit of strangers and crowd-surf across the room. It’s the kind of event where you would have been happily squished.

The show went instantly viral, as anyone would have expected, since it’s probably the only time in fashion history where models fell on purpose and not because their platforms were too tall. The best part, though, are the photos, captured not by photographers at the end of the stage but a camera placed above the mosh pit.

The employees wear the Sunnei gurararoba which features the distinctive artributes of the brand with super recognizable details. In the autumn winter 2023-24 collection, attention is drawn to the fur stitch in a fluffy or dread version, the return of the 1000 nails shoe and the earrings that invade the ears.


Diesel‘s Fall/Winter 2023-24 collection was filled with temptation. For FW23, Diesel took inspiration from sexual protection and
delivered a ravishing showcase dominated by its staple denim designs reimagined with shredded semi-sheer panels reminiscent of the barrier contraception method.

The collection was presented on a red-carpeted runway, featuring a mountain of 200,000 Diesel-branded rubbers cascading to the ground. The first look was quintessentially Diesel, promoting a distressed leather jacket with faded lettering matched with worn – in denim that doubled as boots.

Denim remains the protagonist, but it transforms. We found incursions between streetwear and eveningwear with silk dresses, sparkling mini dresses, double-layered jersey in tops and trousers, cuissardes boots and sandals studded with diamonds. The concept of distressed dominates, constituted by overwhelming perfectly wearable garments, will become objects of desire in a short time. It is a concentrated Diesel, more experimental, more ambitious than ever.

Damaged tops were fashioned with chipped markings and thin foils, acting as a window to the human form. Digitally-printed jeans arrived with similar decor, hopping onto T-shirt dresses, skirts, and more.

Woven garments were falling apart on models in motion, working alongside glossy puffers with biological membrane graphics. Devoré denim saw patches of jeans, skirts, and jackets—sometimes bolstered with shearling—fade into sheer panels of meshed lace. This luxurified distressed jean motif was then ingeniously echoed in the patterning of crystal – etched dresses and in the overprinted pale fade patterns on tailored workwear-shape grey pinstripe pieces.

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