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Abigail Spenser Hu Redefines Fascination With Her Beauty

Abigail Spenser Hu Redefines Fascination With Her Beauty

As soon as we catch a glimpse of our model Abigail Spencer Hu, stunning is the word that immediately comes to mind. With her poise, the beauty queen is here to change heads! Her stunning looks scream elegance and are visually appealing. Be sure to check out our feed to witness her dainty and endearing looks! With her dresses, she is here dictating the fashion colour palette.

Team Credits:

Model: Abigail Spenser Hu @abigailspenserhu
Stylist: Iliaria De Plano @ilaria_de_plano
Assistant Stylist: Casey Puhr @layzer_wolf
Photographer: Filip Shobot @filipshobot
Hair: Vladimir Simic @vladimirsimic1
Makeup: Saisha Beecham @saishabeecham

A talented singer-songwriter and influencer with Chinese roots, Abigail Spenser Hu has recently been announced as the new face for Le Meridien Acadia Pasadena. Abigail’s unique blend of Chinese and American cultural influences has made her a rising star in the music industry, and her popularity as an influencer has only continued to grow in recent years.

Born to Chinese parents in the United States, Abigail grew up straddling two very different worlds. She was deeply connected to her Chinese heritage, but also extremely influenced by the American culture around her. As a child, Abigail was drawn to music. She began writing songs and playing instruments at a very young age. Her unique perspective and multicultural background have informed her music, resulting in a style that is both familiar and new.

Abigail Spenser Hu Redefines Fascination With Her Beauty

Dress: Matilde Couture @matildecouture
Silver Necklace: Christine Bukkehave @christinebukkehave

As her music career began to take off, Abigail also began to gain a following as an influencer. Her social media posts which often blend Chinese and American cultures in creative ways have attracted a loyal following of fans who appreciate her unique perspective. Her popularity as an influencer made her a natural fit to be the face of Le Meridien Acadia Pasadena, a new hotel that seeks to celebrate the rich cultural heritage of the Chinese American community.

Dress: Matilde Couture @matildecouture
Silver Necklace: Christine Bukkehave @christinebukkehave

Located in the heart of Pasadena’s historic Old Town, Le Meridien Acadia Pasadena is a luxury hotel that offers a unique blend of Chinese and American cultural influences. As the new face of Le Méridien Pasadena Arcadia Hotel, Abigail Spenser Hu’s collaboration with the hotel is sure to be a success as her unique perspective and impeccable taste align perfectly with the brand’s vision and aesthetic. The hotel’s mid-century modern design aesthetic draws inspiration from the surrounding locale and guests in sophisticated yet playful equestrian-chic design.

Dress: Jad Ghandour @jadghandourofficial

As an influencer and singer-songwriter, Abigail has bagged immense appreciation for her style and luxury. Her social media presence showcases the exquisite taste she has in fashion, food, and travel, making her the ideal ambassador for Le Méridien Pasadena Arcadia Hotel. The hotel’s thoughtfully designed rooms and suites provide Abigail with the perfect backdrop to showcase her luxury lifestyle.

The hotel’s distinctive European heritage is reflected in its design and amenities, while also taking cues from the surrounding locale. This commitment to excellence is mirrored in Abigail’s approach to her craft, as she seeks to blend cultural influences and create something unique and inspiring. Her involvement with the hotel will also raise awareness of the Chinese American community in Pasadena and beyond.

Ring and Earrings: Veronica Tharmalingam @veronicatharmalingam
Dress: Matilde Couture @matildecouture


Her music, her influence, and her unique perspective as an influencer and singer-songwriter have led her to collaborate with a variety of luxury brands in the fashion, skincare, and hospitality industries. However, her passion for real estate and her extensive portfolio of properties sets her apart from other influencers. In fact, building her own hotel brand has been a lifelong dream of hers, and her involvement in the Le Meridian Pasadena Arcadia Hotel is a significant step towards success for this dream of hers. She has a sharp eye for design and has invested in properties with unique architectural features and cultural significance. Her interest in hospitality has also led her to develop a deep understanding of what makes a successful hotel, from design and decor to amenities and guest experience. This collaboration allows her to showcase her expertise in real estate and hospitality.

Earrings: Veronica Tharmalingam @veronicatharmalingam
Ring: Federica Rossi @frjewels
Top and Skirt: Rihoas @rihoas_official
Heels: VIVAIA @vivaia_official

In conclusion, Abigail Spenser Hua’s diverse background in art, design, music, real estate and her pioneering work in the metaverse and NFTs makes her an excellent candidate for the immersive NFT concept hotel. Her ability to integrate her expertise in real estate and technology can help to create a unique and innovative experience that goes beyond traditional hospitality. With her involvement, Le Meridian Pasadena Arcadia has the potential to become a ground-breaking destination that combines cutting-edge technology, art, and hospitality.

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