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Reflection To What Heaven Looks Like!

Reflection To What Heaven Looks Like!

These Trendy Garden Styles Are Here To Stay In 2023, And If You Don’t Know About It, You’re Seriously Missing Out! So, Dive In To Hear From Us.

Want to create a beautiful space in your yard to suit your lifestyle? This craving for personalized landscape designs is growing tremendously. Personalization of one’s outdoor space can take on specific design attributes, but in a lot of instances, gardening offers a unique connection. It could be a connection to the environmental interest in pollinators like bees and birds. For some, it’s like creating a functional and pleasing peaceful space to allow them to connect with their family and friends. For others, it’s about developing a calming sanctuary to relax and unwind. So, we have dug into two gardening trends that are just for the new year – 2023. Read On.



We blame it on Hollywood romantic movies that gardeners nowadays are gravitating towards more traditional garden plants such as roses, lilac, hydrangeas, and hollyhock. This trend is an elevated maximized version of cottage gardens. These classic, pretty plants bring a sense of history and tradition without the slight chaos of the typical cottage design. However, the New Victorian trend is casual and rambling, it’s not disorganized. It usually features a more feminine palette of pink, purple, and white flowers, along with a delicate foliage. This trend personifies romantic garden accents such as white fences, gravel or brick pathways, birdbaths, and stone planters. To get a Victorian garden look, opt for fragrant roses such as the Eau de Parfum Bubbly Fragrant Rose, Seaside Swirl Pink Rugosa Rose, or the Heavenly Ascent Pink Climbing Rose. Purple flowers such as the Seaside Serenade Crystal Cove Hydrangea and Arctic Falls Campanula also can add a visual impact to the New Victorian Garden. Display potted tropical, such as parlor palm, is a Victorian favourite, containers around your patio or indoors can elevate experience of a Victorian Garden.


Due to droughts and other extreme weather conditions, water conservation has come to the top of mind and is more than just a passing trend. With waterwise plants in your garden it becomes essential no matter where you live. Homeowners are keenly interested in plants that are climate-appropriate, with lower water needs. But they don’t want to sacrifice beautiful blooms, bold colour and lush foliage. To make a major statement in your garden without raising your water bill, try incorporating Rocket Jr. Red Hot Poker, Sweet maroon Myrtle, Summer lasting Plum Crape Myrtle, or Celebrations Fireworks Kangaroo Paw. Conserving water in the landscape can be accomplished by selecting low water use plants, designing and scheduling systems efficiently, and grouping plants according to their water requirements, and using hardscaping materials (patios, stone paths, decks, etc.) appropriately to reduce the area can fix your garden.

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