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Sajjad Pourhassan Conquering Hearts – Exclusive Interview!

Sajjad Pourhassan Conquering Hearts – Exclusive Interview!

Meet our Hommes Cover Star for the December issue, Sajjad Pourhassan who owns up to his modelling talent and fit physique.

Team Credits:

Model: Sajjad Pourhassan @pourhasansajad

Photographer: Amer Mohammad @shootmeamer

Hair And Makeup: Julia Rada @julia.rada

Designer: Furne One Amato @furneamato

Lightning Assistant: Yasir Ali Shah @yasir__ali__shah

Outfits: Amato @amatoofficial

An Award-winning fashion designer, Sajjad Pourhassan is a man from Dubai who doesn’t like to settle for anything less than the best. Honestly, stopping is just not his style and he is no stranger at putting on a show with his eccentric outfits! From walking at the runways of profound brands, this model is ruling the era saying it all with his looks. Giving you all a perfect treat at New Year, this macho man lives fearlessly under his clothes and can be evidenced with a sparkle in his eyes. Keep reading to know all about this handsome man!

Sajjad Pourhassan

“I feel it’s really important who’s next to you and around you when one is going to start something in their life of their own.”


Welcome to L’Officiel India. Describe yourself in three words.

Responsible, Passionate, Talented

Your shoot turned out really vibrant and colourful! We are really keen to know who was the designer behind this stunning shoot?

The shoot was unbelievable. It turned out to be an extremely colourful and pleasant concept. And the designer behind the wonderful concept of this shoot was Amato.

Were you always inclined towards modelling, how did it happen, and who was your inspiration?

I was not inclined towards modelling from the beginning, but the change came about drastically around 10 years ago. My family and my best friend encouraged me to pursue it, perhaps because of the reasons that I am tall and skinny. I feel it’s really important who’s next to you and around you when one is going to start something in their life of their own. Because they can give you good energy and vibrations. So, after some years I understood that I am really born for this. I started watching shows, photos from websites, YouTube, and everywhere. And I am really inspired by David Gandy. Because of the love and support from my friends and family, I began my career in modelling.

“It’s just about you have a goal or not. If you have that zeal to try to get that thing then you can do it!”

Being from Iran, what differences do you see between an Iranian and an American.

It’s not about where you are born whether it’s Iran, America, or anywhere else. It’s just about you have a goal or not. If you have that zeal to try to get that thing then you can do it! I came to Dubai because I think that Dubai is going to be the next big fashion country in the coming years.

What are the difficulties that a model has to go through in their day-to-day life? How did you overcome them?

I think the best answer for this is again, I love my job and I am good at what I do. That’s why I don’t even think about the difficulties or even if sometimes it gets hard.

Your sense of fashion is what made our eyes tingle. Name some brands that we can spot in your closet often. What’s your personal favourite brand?

It’s my pleasure! I try to have a different take in every look and do different kinds of looks for myself in fashion. And whenever somebody appreciates for my fashion sense, I really feel proud of myself. Yes, I have tried out various different luxury brands and you can say my personal favourite brands are Gucci and Diesel.

Your eye-catching runway looks are so aspiring! You have walked for various well-established brands. Any favourite runway memory?

Yes, I have walked for many brands. But till now one of the best shows I did was for the AMATO brand in MFW in Dubai. Because I was the only male model in that show and there were four different looks. It was a lovely show and whenever I think about that memory, I really get happy!

“One of my favourites is Harry Styles because I really feel that my style is nearer to him.”

Name one actor, actress, and director you’d love to work with in the future and why?

There are some actors and singers that I really want to work with in future. But one of my favourites is Harry Styles because I really feel that my style is closer to him.

What does a free day in the life of Sajjad looks like, how do you like to spend time while not working on any projects?

My free day looks like waking up early. Later, I do my cardio before starting with my breakfast. After that, I read some books about fashion, watch shows or interviews of some designers. Sometimes, I watch online photography courses for beginners.

You have a very fit body. Did sports play a role in shaping your physique? Please, share your fitness regime with us.

So, usually I work out 5 days in a week. Each day, I do both cardio and go to the gym. I am extremely concerned about my diet and I never eat from outside or order from a restaurant too much. Either my cook makes my meal and if I don’t have my cook, then I cook for myself. At the time of lunch, I have my fruits or nuts then usually I have chicken or 8 spoons of rice or soup sometimes and for dinner I have my salad. During the whole day, I have my multivitamin and all my supplements to help my body and keep it fresh and nice and at night I get to bed early and I also wake up early in the morning.

What are your future goals and any projects lined up?

That’s a great question! My dream and my goals are to do numerous shoots and walk for big brands in Milan, Italy, and Paris. And let me tell you something that I am going to make some good memories for myself which you will see next year.

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