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The New Nova in Mugler’s Atmosphere

It seems that there is a new star in Mugler’s universe. But is it going to burn bright or is the flame all set to extinguish? Let’s find out.

The woman of today has little time for nonsense and believes in herself no matter what. This no-nonsense attitude extends to her nose as well. After all, smelling good is an essential component of appearing confident. Even Mugler seems to agree since they claim that the Angel Nova fragrance is for the modern heroine who makes her dreams a reality. We are not disagreeing – yet. We’re going to be setting our sights towards the Angel Nova Eau de Toilette. So, let’s first look at how much truth is in the statement that the Angel Nova is a bright star in Mugler’s universe

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Angel Nova Eau de Toilette

This Eau de Toilette version came out after the original Angel Nova and was released as a fresh floral-fruity composition. This Eau de Toilette version boasts Lychee and Bergamot as the top notes, Rose and Magnolia as the middle notes, and Virginia Cedar and Musk as the base notes. Despite this very interesting combination of notes, the fragrance is anything but interesting. The fruity opening feels a bit screechy – it seems like a tad too much lychee. To make matters worse, it progresses to nothing, doesn’t develop on the skin, and stays the same flat and dull scent throughout. Another thing many claim is that the Rose and Cedar are pretty much absent from the scent altogether. In this sense, the scent definitely lives up to its name – alien! Maybe a tad bit unique, but the scent is definitely pretty strange.

Another negative to note here – the scent is very dull. The spicy cedar at the base dominates the Lychee’s fruitiness which ruins the whole experience. And as is common with many new fragrances, this one also does not develop at all and stays pretty much the same as what it started out as. But the problems don’t end here. No, there is something very irritating about this fragrance which many claim to experience, along with the fact that the Rose doesn’t show up on the skin, which we already mentioned once. The sillage is not impressive and the longevity is just a weak medium at best. The scent falls flat and lacks the zesty punch expected from fragrances of this calibre. The scent seems to feel like an aqua net hairspray which is not something that one wants when looking for a new scent.

The fruity opening feels a bit screechy – it seems like a tad too much lychee.

But the design of the bottle is a redeeming point in our eyes. If you’re an avid collector of impressive and unique perfume bottles regardless of the scent, this can be a great choice. It certainly looks impressive in the hand or on the vanity. So, if you’re a fan of Lychee scents, this may or may not work out for you. But that is up to you to decide. We’ve done our duty and forewarned you. Happy spraying everyone!

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