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A Necklace That Is Childish, not Childlike! 

Carolina Bucci: Formentera FORTE beads necklace

 If you don’t want to add a tarnished short-lived jewellery piece to your collection, Dive right in.

When one talks about extravagant pieces, unique statements, highest quality jewellery, precious metals or gemstones. What comes into our minds? Luxury Jewellery right? Speaking of which, we have Carolina Bucci with a rich history of jewellery making. Her collection includes hand-woven with boldly coloured silks on a florentine textile loom dating back to the Renaissance. For this month we have this brand’s colourful Formentera FORTE beads necklace consisting of 80 hard-stone beads in preset colours and a sun cord with 18k black gold florentine finish tips. We can see that her jewellery collection is indeed vibrant and fun-inducing. Such colourful pieces can surely bring playfulness and joy to people’s outfits. Her label includes colourful beads with a childlike energy that turned them into bracelets, anklets and necklaces. Her accessories speak for themselves.

We understand it’s unique jewellery but jewellery is supposed to accessorize the outfit by giving a chic look to it and fixing it well, marking one’s status. And we can’t see if beaded jewellery can be considered glamorous or fit to be worn by fashion connoisseurs. In a world where diamonds and platinum are easily available, there’s a rare chance of people going for such childish-looking accessories. The necklace appears to look more like a kid’s friendship band. Keeping the looks aside, a very common shortcoming in their jewellery is that a beaded necklace consisting of hard stones gets heavy while wearing. This can straightaway put pressure on the neck. The brand itself has asked wearers to take care and avoid exposure to environmental pollutants or harsh light, which can alter the jewellery. Thus it has a high chance of getting tarnished which can make it look cheap.

Carolina Bucci: Formentera FORTE beads necklace

Carolina Bucci: Formentera FORTE beads necklace

The artificial beads can give you a tough time on your skin because of the material. Though, many people can be fascinated by the brand’s pieces and may find them adorable. But we are just here to warn you that the pieces of this brand probably will not last for a long time. And the biggest drawback of all is the colour of the beads can stain your skin if rubbed off. This is inevitable as the necklace will rub with skin while wearing. This can also lead to itches, rashes or breaking out of the skin. Therefore this lavish necklace may look like a cheap product after using it frequently. We can’t see if it’s worth it to spend money on such a piece. In our final words, we just want to say that the jewellery should be more durable. But if you’re searching for something to wear for only a couple of times, you can go ahead with this necklace.

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