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New Season, New Wardrobe – Men, it’s Time for a Closet Update

Fall’s gone but winter has entered in its place. And winter has brought with it new trends. Let’s check them out.

The fall season saw some remarkable fashion trends but the winter trends more than make up for the fall season ending. The Fall/Winter 2022 runways dropped the major looks for the winter season and since winter is here, it is now the time to decode them. The Fall/Winter 2022 runways made it crystal clear that fashion is timeless. Quite a few looks were a return of some old trends as well as a reinvention of classic staples. Usually, autumn/winter trends for menswear are pretty predictable, but this season was anything but predictable! Pieces from the 80s and 90s made an appearance, we even had some appearing straight from the 2000s. Designers added their own flair to the classics while simultaneously pushing the boundaries of fashion. Here we pick out 4 of the year’s most wearable fashion trends and how to style them so you can spend your winters in style – and comfort! Read on.


The double-breasted tailoring trend has been around for quite a while now. But with the Autumn/Winter 2022 shows, it reached a peak as perfectly proportioned as itself. No matter what the season is, this is one trend that just keeps coming back, just like it has this season as well. The style is here in many forms – jackets, long and short coats, and blazers, but it has also been revamped this time. The classic style has been combined with a prominent hourglass silhouette that adds a little feminine touch to this men’s staple. The double-breasted tailoring is pretty easy to style and very versatile as well.

1. LORO PIANA, Double-Breasted Cashmere Coat, approx.
Rs. 8,79,540
2. TOM FORD, Slim-Fit Denim Western Shirt, approx. Rs. 70,400 3. BOTTEGA VENETA, Leather Boots, approx. Rs. 4,50,540
4. TOM FORD, Skinny-Fit Selvedge Jeans, approx. Rs. 80,450


Chunky, lumpy sweaters – the nightmare of every gift receiver – are now the most important element of every man’s winter wardrobe. The humble nana knit has become the latest must-have fashion trend and jumping on board is highly advised. This season, the trend is to wear voluminous architectural knits built-in with extra structure, basically, the chunkier the sweater, the better! A staple winter item for the cold weather, the sweater has been reimagined in a range of textures, patterns, cuts and structures.

1. JW Anderson, Cable knit henley jumper, approx. Rs. 83,750
2. VISVIM, Social Sculpture 16 Straight-Leg Distressed Jeans, approx. Rs. 1,43,590
3. BALENCIAGA, Triple S Mesh and Faux Leather Sneakers, approx. Rs. 77,860
4. THE ROW, Dibbo Ribbed Cashmere Beanie, approx.
Rs. 54,900


It took a long hiatus, but the baggy jean is officially back. A 90s and early 2000s staple piece, designers have dusted off, reinvented and reimagined the baggy jean, giving it a new life. The baggy jean has been seen on the likes of Rihanna, Justin Beiber as well as many runway looks and influencers. Big, baggy denim is the ‘It’ style of the year and the variety is endless. Go for an elegantly draped jeans or pick up raw selvedge jeans, the trend is quite versatile.

1. CELINE HOMME, Wide-Leg Embellished Jeans, approx.
Rs. 1,10,920
2. BALENCIAGA, Runner Nylon and Mesh Sneakers, approx.
Rs. 96,260
3. LORO PIANA, Slim-Fit Cashmere and Silk-Blend Chenille Polo Shirt, approx. Rs. 1,82,070
4. BRUNELLO CUCINELLI, Shearling-Lined Suede Jacket, approx. Rs. 8,01,110


Fashion is loving the vest a little too much right now. The humble mid-garment has gotten a pretty luxurious makeover by various brands; some are wearable and some are downright whacky. But, no matter what your style preference, there is a sweater vest out there for you, so no need to be disheartened. The sweater vest can be worn as a staple piece or it can be an accessory layer, it really comes down to your style preference. But the pieces seeing the most popularity right now are sweater vests and sleeveless waistcoats. A range of colours, styles and fabrics are available, so you can find your style pretty easily.

1. GUCCI, GG wool jacquard vest, approx. Rs. 95,400
2. LORO PIANA, Slim-Fit Silk and Cotton-Blend Jersey T-Shirt, approx.Rs. 44,820
3. SAINT LAURENT, Skinny-Fit Leather Trousers, approx.
Rs. 2,11,760
4. ERLUTI, Scritto Venezia Leather Sneakers, approx.
Rs. 1,73,650

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