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Snoods for When You’re in a Cozy Mood

The neck often bears the brunt of the winter chill. This winter, don’t forget to provide your neck with the warmth it needs. Check out these cozy winter snoods.

December is here and with it, so is the winter chill. Dressing up for winter does not mean throwing on any outfit haphazardly. Layering is crucial and so is maintaining style. But along with that, so is protecting your body parts from the cold winter air. We often think of every body part except the neck. The most overlooked part of the body, yet the one that needs some serious protecting, is the neck. And let’s just clear the air right now, contrary to the age-old adage of beauty equalling pain, it really does not, and neither does it equal frostbite. There are various ways to protect your neck and not give up on style – throw on a scarf, a muffler or the best choice: snoods. Scarves are a staple for the winter weather, but they might as well come with their own user manual – the options are endless. Many are not aware of snoods, yet they are a great way to uphold style without giving up on warmth. Snoods are a great way of adding style, warmth, and function to your winter accessories to make them work for you. Snoods are nothing but tubular scarves that sit high on the neck and often act as a hood. From chilly autumn days to cold winter nights, snoods are a great fashion accessory and are easy to style. Wear them with leggings, or dress them up with jeans in a comfy-casual sort of attire; they go with literally everything! If you’re looking for some amazing snoods for this winter season, keep on reading.


ALAÏA, Cotton-blend jersey snood, approx. Rs. 1,35,260

BRUNELLO CUCINELLI, Sequined mohair-blend snood, approx. Rs. 1,11,940

JOHNSTONS OF ELGIN, Cashmere snood, approx. Rs. 26,370

TOTÊME, Cashmere-blend snood, approx. Rs. 31,330

 EUGENIA KIM, Paulina faux fur-trimmed ribbed cashmere snood, approx. Rs. 46,680

 JW Anderson, chunky-knit snood, approx. Rs. 16,550

Missoni, panelled-knit wool snood scarf, approx. Rs. 45,020

Gianluca Capannolo, fine-knit snood, approx. Rs. 41,130

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