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Don’t Forget About the Lobes

earrings for men

Your ears deserve some bling too, so instead of skipping over your lobes, dress them up and step out in style.

Too often men find themselves unsure of whether to accessorise or not. But we are here to provide our readers with a respite from this problem. Gentlemen, your days of endlessly pondering over “should I wear this or not” are behind you. Watches and wallets are common and nobody forgets to wear them. But the part most usually forget about is the ear. So men, we are here to remind you that your ears deserve a little bling too. Earrings are a great addition to any outfit. No matter how dressed-up or dressed-down you are, earrings will go perfectly with your outfit. Don’t leave your lobes empty, and start picking out some accessories for your ears too. To help you do that, we are here with a list of some seriously blingy earrings that you need to add to your collection as soon as possible. So pick out your favourites and step out in style.

earrings for men

MAOR, the aphelion white gold diamond single earring, approx. Rs. 4,93,420

VADA, bubble gold emerald single hoop earring, approx.
Rs. 2,39,060

SPINELLI KILCOLLIN, gold diamond single hoop earring, approx. Rs. 2,25,930

HEALERS FINE JEWELRY, gold hoop earrings, approx.
Rs. 1,13,100

EÉRA, mini EÉRA white gold single earring, approx. Rs. 1,10,390

REPOSSI, antifer blackened gold diamond hoop earring, approx. Rs. 1,00,410

KOLOURS JEWELRY, hexagon gold diamond ear cuff, approx.
Rs. 87,320

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