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Stop, Drop and Dopp: Stylish Dopp Bags you Need to Own

dopp kit

Chaos makes the muse, but it certainly does not make a grooming kit! Keep your essentials neat and ordered with these utterly stylish dopp kits.

Picture yourself arriving at your destination, happy and content. Then you open your suitcase and your smile drops seeing the absolute mess your toiletries have made inside the bag! Alright, that’s enough of horror stories, we don’t want you to faint with fright after all! If you’re an avid traveller, you probably already realise the importance of owning a dopp kit. But really, it is not just an essential for travellers, even if you stay at home all year long, it is still better than having a bathroom shelf completely cluttered with shampoo bottles or your facemask tubes. Just imagine a stylish toiletry pouch perched on your bathroom shelf, making everything look so neat and tidy! For such a small thing, a dopp kit really becomes the difference between chaos and order. And they also make for the perfect gifts for men. So, ladies, if you’re lurking out here in the hopes of finding a stylish yet highly functional gift for that special man in your life, look no more. We have the perfect answer for your troubles. Here’s a list of some of the most stylish and luxurious dopp and toiletry bags for men. Take your pick and go bring order back into your chaotic life!

dopp kit

TOM FORD, printed alligator leather toiletry case, approx.
Rs. 1,55,910

BRUNELLO CUCINELLI, buffalo leather travel beauty case, approx. Rs. 1,48,080

GIORGIO ARMANI, la Prima beauty case in palmellato leather, approx. Rs. 1,44,240

BOTTEGA VENETA, classic intrecciato, approx. Rs. 1,25,360

SALVATORE FERRAGAMO, dopp kit, approx. Rs. 77,960

GUCCI, ophidia GG toiletry case, approx. Rs. 68,160

FENDI, travel case, approx. Rs. 57,350

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