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Tom Ford claims that they designed their foundation to create the appearance of flawless skin. But how far does that claim hold? Let’s find out!

There are people who don’t need any additional help to glow and there are some who do. No matter which category you belong to, foundation is still the most important tool in your arsenal when it comes to makeup. But what if that tool doesn’t work like it should? Sounds scary, right? Don’t worry, we are here with an in-depth analysis of Tom Ford’s Shade and Illuminate Soft Radiance Foundation to make sure you don’t end up flushing your money down the drain. The Shade and Illuminate range from Tom Ford has some of the glossiest and glowing products. So, imagine our excitement when we found out that Tom Ford was releasing a foundation as part of this range. But as it turns out, that excitement was a little short-lived. Let’s find out why.


Tom Ford – Shade and Illuminate Soft Radiance Foundation

Although the bottle comes in an ultra-luxe, sleek and elegant bottle, the pump is very basic. And honestly speaking, there is nothing too unique or fancy about the bottle – almost all foundation bottles have the same design. But here is something that we give Tom Ford credit for; the foundation comes in a humongous range of 40 shades. A luxury brand catering to such a wide range of skin tones is a big surprise, so we definitely see this as a pro here. Now let’s compare this foundation with its competitors: almost all brands are now offering various skincare benefits with their foundations that Tom Ford seems to skip out on.

This foundation was formulated using a trio of natural oils and is infused with hyaluronic acid and contains spf 50.

Although the brand claims “research results” on the products, these “measured results” don’t really seem anything to make a fuss about! The results state “97% said it immediately left skin looking smooth,” which is neither here nor there, because it is a radiant finish foundation and that is what this product is formulated for! Another claim they’re making is that it took people one week to notice the breathable coverage and lightweight texture of the skin, and if it is taking someone this long to notice the way a FOUNDATION feels on the skin, then we would say they’ve really got some serious problems. Although the foundation’s saving grace is that it comes with SPF 50 which is a good thing in case you forget to apply your sunscreen, although we’d highly suggest you don’t commit such tomfoolery.

But here is something that we give Tom Ford credit for: the foundation comes in a humongous range of 40 shades.

A little goes a long way and the foundation has a creamy consistency that looks good for just about 5 minutes before drying down. And then the “glow” vanishes and it ends up magnifying every pore on your face. As the day wears on, your face might start to feel dry and tight and the imperfections start to get more accentuated. A word of caution: those sensitive to the scent of lavender might want to steer clear of this foundation. The coverage is versatile and can be sheer or built-up to a stout medium. Since you need to use a little amount daily, this is a bottle that is going to last you a long time. So, if you like foundations that provide a ‘polished’ sort of finish to your face, go ahead, no one’s stopping you from purchasing this!

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