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It Has a Nice ‘Ring’ To It!


Even though these alluring clutches on the side don’t need add-ons, your elegant handbags might need a touch of chicness with these exclusive key rings!

Remember how Emily said it’s the ‘basic’ customers like her using that fancy bag charm on her purse who keep the designers in the business? Well, we have taken a little inspiration from her and brought to you key rings or some refer to it as charms that look playful & bright and help people spot you from far.

Over the years, luxury brands have come up with special key rings like fruits, popsicles, snakes, ghosts, creatures, and more that look pleasing and want to be desperately hanged on your bags. Enough said, dive in and have a look at these fresh key rings from grandeur brands to invest in now!



Windbreaker ripstop key ring

Approx. Rs. 28,000


Thomas Bear Vintage-check cashmere key ring

Approx. Rs. 26,000


Banana Key Ring

Approx. Rs. 15,000


Logo-embossed Ear keychain

Approx. Rs. 10,000

Alexander McQueen

Oversized sneaker-shape keyring

Approx. Rs. 30,000


La Greca keyring,

Approx. Rs. 68,000

Saint Laurent

Chiavi dog-plaque logo keyring

Approx. Rs. 43,000

Palm Angels

Track pants keyring

Approx. Rs. 15,000

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