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Styling Inspiration From Classics In HollyWood ft. Johnny Depp & Billy Porter


No Matter How Many Fresh Faces Become Our Favorites, The Oldies Will Always Be in Our Hearts, And We’d Never Stop Looking for Inspiration from Them!

While Harry Styles & Jacob Elordi are looking after the young blood, two stars that are admired by all Gen X and millennials are Johnny Depp & Billy Porter. Both just set the vibe straight when it comes to fashion and styling. These two are hands down the classics in the world of everything trendy. While Porter is regarded as a style icon, mostly for his extraordinary red carpet looks, Depp had a rebel rocker style but had evolved to a toned-down more subtle look. However, for both the stars, accessories have played a major role & made them the fashion icons.



The accessories he adds to his attire are precise, and he understands finishing touches more than anyone from the classics.

We were always Team Johnny, fashion or otherwise! We keep saying how fashion has evolved over the years, yet Johnny Depp’s style has remained whimsical, and it’s safe to say that he is the one Hollywood personality that has never disappointed us. The accessories he adds to his attire are precise, and he understands finishing touches more than anyone from the classics. Since 1987 the man has always dressed the best, be it promoting his latest movies or performing for his brand, fashion on him was magic.

1. FRESCOBOL CARIOCA, Rafael Grosgrain-Trimmed Straw Fedora, Approx. Rs. 18,000

2. JACQUES MARIE MAGE, Taos Square-Frame Acetate Sunglasses, Approx. Rs. 60,530

3. MARIA TASH, Triple Long Spike Eternity 8mm 18-Karat White Gold Diamond Single Earring, Approx. Rs. 15,37,760

4. OFF-WHITE, Logo-Print Cotton and Silk-Blend Bandana, Approx. Rs. 11,280

5. TOM FORD, Woven Leather and Gold-Plated Wrap Bracelet, Approx. Rs. 36,210

Speaking of accessories, if we dig deep, Johnny’s admiration for hats, scarfs, sunglasses and other small accessories is quite evident. Not the miss, lots of leather bracelets are a must. Depp has been an 80s superstar, rocking all looks be it suits, t-shirts, leather jackets, and most famously his funky hats. Taking inspiration from a true classic is always fun. Here we have brought to you items straight out of Johnny’s accessory vanity, that undoubtedly, he would look killer carrying, and as for you, well a true Depp fan would hold onto these without thinking twice. Time to loosen your pockets as we are shopping for some sensational accessories!


Billy Porter is a faithful classic to take styling inspiration from. 

The Broadway legend back then kept gifting us fashion that too distinctively each time around, Billy Porter is a faithful classic to take styling inspiration from. Till now, the magic of his fashion is making the headlines. Recently he wore an all-metallic outfit to channel his inner Moon Man at the MTV VMAs, and oh boy this artistry is surely just his copyright. While the list of his statement-making outfits can go on and on, let’s keep it for some other time and just stick to accessories here.

    1. ALEXANDER MCQUEEN, Silver and gold-tone ring, Approx. Rs. 37,000

    2. JUDITH LEIBER COUTURE, Bee Hive Bee’s Knees crystal-embellished gold-tone clutch, Approx. Rs. 4,97,660

    3. HARRY WINSTON, Winston Cluster Diamond Necklace, Price: on request

    4. GUCCI, Men’s Gucci Jordaan GG velvet loafer, Approx. Rs. 71,710

    5. MERVE BAYINDIR, Teresa embellished embroidered taffeta hat, Approx. Rs. 59,000

    Gold necklaces, enormous rings, heavenly boots, quirky hats or head gears, gloves, and petite handbags are certain accessories you’d only spot on Bill Porter. Some say his style is similar to that of drag queens, but porter disagrees. He just likes to play with feminine silhouettes. We admire his styling and have a surety that other cis-gendered gay men do too. Therefore, here we have some accessories that Porter would be interested to own or who knowns maybe already has in his vanity. Without further ado, dive in and get your hands on your preferred pieces.

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