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Our Favourite Brands From Paris Fashion Week 2022/23 For Men

Paris Fashion Week

One of The Most Awaited And Celebrated Fashion Weeks For Men Of All Time Recently Took Place And We Are All Drooling Over It!

Fashion has been the supporting hand of our culture lately. It has been like the clay master and the audience is like the clay. Fashion decides the trend and people follow in the same direction. Sure, it has been a trendsetter but the foremost step in following the trend is viewing the trend at the appropriate time. Yes – timing is very important in the world of fashion too. If you bring out the leg warmer, a neon-themed trend from the 80s in today’s fashion era – nobody would be interested in it and vice versa. To match the perfect timing and to make it all worth it for the Gen-Z, fashion shows play a major part in the portrayal of fashion sense and what is going on in this world. You might also call fashion shows the ‘YouTube’ of fashion. Paris Fashion Week Men’s Spring/Summer 2023 fashion show took place recently. It is not only one of the most versatile fashion shows of all but also one of the biggest fashion shows in the world. It compiles your favourite brands with your favourite trends and brings uniqueness out of fashion. This time was no different; as it was a men’s fashion show, it enlightened us with bold colours and playful designs to start with. Also, a wave of feminine clothing was seen in the air. To save your time and make it all easy for you, we have compiled the best looks from your favourite brands that also might please your eyes. Take a look!

Paris Fashion Week




Louis Vuitton


Marine Serre




Thom Browne

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