Do You Feel Like Walking on Gold Today? Well, Don’t You Worry Because We Have Got Your Feet, and Back too!

You might have the popular saying which goes something like “You are what you wear”. But what we are going to tell you about today is something that before setting your foot into, you will think at least 100 times. What do we love the most about fashion? It might be the accessories and it might be the clothes, but for the most part of it, shoes play a major role in toning one’s attire completely. “From head to toe” is the phrase that describes the two most important parts of our body. You might have seen many expensive shoes, but have you seen the most expensive shoe? Well, you just are going to in a bit. Today, we are going to talk about something that has your foot worth it.


Antonio Vietri’s Moon Star Shoes

The gem being mentioned here, again and again, is Antonio Vietri’s Moon Star Shoes. It is somewhat around the moon and the stars only but we know that you get the idea. Launched on a Yacht in Dubai, these shoes stand at the top when we talk about expensive shoes. Have you ever stepped badly and broken your heel? Well, you just can’t this time because the heel in this one is made up of pure gold. It’s not the first time that Antonio Vietri has created anything beginning with “World’s first”, he held the record for making “World’s first 24K Gold shoes”. Alongside the solid gold, these shoes also carry a whopping subtotal of 30 diamonds. The story does not end here, going out of rare stones and metals was never an option for Antonio because he went with a piece of Argentinian meteorite circa 1576 in it. Apart from the golden blemish and sharp accents going all around the shoes, these shoes are also a tribute to the World’s Tallest Building which lies in Dubai only. It was a part of the Made in Italy, Designed in Emirates (MIDE) fashion show.


 Approx. Rs. 155 Crore

Talking about the previous experience, Antonia never disappoints his consumers as previously, the “World’s first 24K Gold shoes” made by his label were delivered by a helicopter to their buyer. This new fashion statement is beyond any fashion product and accessory, it easily surpasses any other product, which makes it the World’s most expensive shoe ever made.