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Tired From the Wedding Festivities? Here’s How to De-Stress After Your Big Day

Tired From the Wedding Festivities? Here's How to De-Stress After Your Big Day

It is a universally accepted fact that weddings are stressful. So, brides and grooms, you need to prioritize your health as well. We have a few ways for you to relax and de-stress during and after your wedding.

Slowly and surely, the world is shifting its focus to fitness and striving for a higher quality of life. This has resulted in the notion of fitness changing and moulding itself to adapt to people’s needs and comfort. The concept of health and wellness has expanded to include novel notions of fitness that provide more flexibility and freedom for exploration. While in the past, the notion of fitness and health was limited to physical appearance and weight loss, now it takes a more holistic view and includes mental wellbeing as well. A comprehensive approach to various fitness areas is increasingly being adopted by people, including stamina, aerobic endurance, etc. The awareness that fitness is for everyone is slowly settling in amongst people’s minds. currently, the fitness industry is seeing great opportunities and is rapidly growing.

Now, since this month, the spotlight is on brides and grooms, and their very special day, we have compiled a few exercises perfect to help you de-stress and relax after your big day is over. After all, you need a relaxed and happy mind to enjoy the honeymoon, right? So, just make sure to follow at least one of these fitness trends and head into your new life relaxed and happy. Thank us later!


Tired From the Wedding Festivities? Here's How to De-Stress After Your Big Day

Psychological fitness is an integral component if one wishes to achieve holistic fitness. 

Like we said, we know weddings are a stressful affair – the planning, the running around making sure everything is correct and everyone is on time – it all takes a toll on your mental health. But it is highly imperative that the bride and the groom remain calm and happy during the wedding, as they won’t be able to enjoy their own day otherwise. So, if you’re worried about your mental health, we have some good news for you. 

The fitness industry is now beginning to place more emphasis on the psychology of its customers. Before, people used to give up due to a lack of motivation or dedication toward exercise, but that is now changing. There is a big focus on holistic fitness and mind-body exercises. Activities and exercises like yoga, tai-chi, and meditation are growing in popularity. People are now starting to look at movement to meet their overall wellness goals, and things like good sleep, regular workout sessions, supplements, sports massages, etc. are gaining popularity. If you wish, you can also include guided meditations, or sound bath meditations in your routine and watch your stress melt away instantly.


Technology has managed to enhance everything, including fitness. 

Technology has always been an undetachable part of our lives. So tightly intertwined with everything, it has now managed to integrate itself even more tightly with fitness. Although wearable technology and activity trackers have been around for a long while now, they have gained a host of new features that people are excitedly looking forward to. This year, with the many new features being added, these are going beyond fitness. This year, many fitness trackers and smartwatches have decided to delve into the metrics of body and skin temperature, stress levels, more comprehensible data on sleep – such as sleep stages, scores, and more insights – SpO2 sensors, etc. There are more exciting features like ECG sensors, period predictions for women, stress monitoring, onboard GPS, payment options, guided breathing, and workout modes, swim tracking, and mindfulness via electrodermal activity sensors. And the best feature is that they now come with Alexa built-in for alarm settings, timers, and check-ins on how your goals are progressing.

Another trend related to technology is the growing curiosity due to VR and TikTok. Since 2022 started, VR headsets have been seeing an upward trend in popularity and they continue to drive curiosity about new ways of movement. Inspiring people to move in unconventional methods – hiking, cold water sea swimming, walking, etc. – they seem to be all set to make exercise more fun and relaxing. TikTok’s trending challenges have been encouraging people to take on new ways of exercise and fitness as well. Just make sure to get the challenge approved by your trainer before you try it.


Working out with your friends and family members can make working out fun and enjoyable. 

Solo workouts are fun, but working out in groups is even better. Working out with your friends and family members can make you feel even closer to them and also make working out more fun. There are entire brands out there whose foundation stone is the premise that people love group workouts, and the feeling of community helps elevate their business. This is especially applicable here as your friends and family would also be stressed helping you plan your wedding. So, these group workout sessions can be fun and relaxing for you and your bridal party. Not to mention, it just might bring you closer to them. 

HIIT and yoga have always remained popular choices amongst those who like group workouts. But, recently, classes for trapeze, roller skating, and trampoline are gaining popularity. And courtesy of TikTok, weighted hula hoop seems to be back in trend now. You could also go for Zumba, or pole fitness. Nobody can tell how long this is going to stay in trend, but group training certainly has its benefits that we would suggest you don’t overlook.

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