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Beachwear By Versace, But Where’s The Beach At?

Versace Beachwear

Looking for A Perfect Top is Quite Difficult Nowadays, But What if You Like One and Can’t Wear it on The Given Occasion? 

Do you know that just to protect you from temperature extremities, how much spinning and weaving does a fabric has to go through? Well, not to make you guilty, but just a lovely reminder that clothes are not just pieces of fabric; they contain emotions, style, and most importantly, one’s unique taste. Clothes are not just a necessity now, they have become much more and for getting the gist of that “much more”, we have to choose amongst various clothes to find the perfect one just made for us. They have become your lifestyle, the way you put yourself, and the epitome of your fashion statement. As we told you choosing the right one is the key, we have bought something that might intrigue your fashion sense, take a look!

 Founded by Gianni Versace in 1978, Versace is an Italian luxury fashion brand that is known for its experimenting spree and for bringing something unique every time. Their focus is on the population who wants to look different yet keep their style intact. 

This vision of Versace sometimes helps it and sometimes it creates something that doesn’t make sense. We have chosen Versace’s Trésor De La Mer Embroidered Top which is meant to be worn on the beaches and on sunny days which are meant to be enjoyed.

This was formerly exclusive runway apparel but later marked its place in Versace’s official collection. Looking at it for the first time, you will know that it’s meant for the beach. The poppy colours along with the embroidered aquatic life speak it quite clearly.

Talking about the material, it is made from Satin and the embroidery has been done with high-quality crystals. It rocks a ballerina neckline alongside chic thin shoulder straps. The problem with this top made for beaches is that it couldn’t be worn in direct sunlight.

How funny does it sound? Versace should have mentioned that satin loses its fabric and quality if exposed to direct sunlight for a long time. So, this fact kills the beachy vibes. Adding to the fact that it shouldn’t be in contact with water for a prolonged period.

The only time you can wear this satin crop top is at night and that too takes care of the fact that you shouldn’t bring it anywhere near water. This time Versace is more on the senseless side, but if you still want to buy this crop top, know what you are getting yourself in.

Price: Approx. INR 7,00,000

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