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This LV Bag is Damaging to its Reputation


Two compartments with zip closure to hold hundreds of complaints? See what this Louis Vuitton Coussin bag hold inside and what the customers think about it.

Louis Vuitton, a well-renowned name in the luxury fashion industry has been known to launch items that define luxury for many. The same can also be said while talking about their accessory collections. Recently, the brand was seen promoting their Coussin Bags on their social media that had fans and customers question their products. Here’s what their views had to denote about the bag:

Surely the bag is adorably compact and super cushiony along with having a pretty attractive monogram pattern, however, the first and the most disturbing feature highlighted by the customers was the use of lambskin for making this bag. People were surprised to know that Louis Vuitton still used animal cruelty for manufacturing their products. Many also pointed out the harm that such production methods are causing to the environment asking the luxury brand about the measures that it plans on taking for zero-emissions during such trying times. Perhaps Louis Vuitton should start making vegan and animal cruelty-free products to stay ahead in the game. It would definitely stop people from terming their choice of production as disgusting.


People were surprised to know that Louis Vuitton still used animal cruelty for manufacturing their products.

Moving forward, we notice that the bag has two inside compartments and a zip closure. Although the compact space provided cannot hold much, it can also change the appearance externally if you try to put bulkier items. So, if you want to take a bag just for show, this might be the one for you.

The bag also has a microfibre lining along with a removable and adjustable strap that drops to a maximum of 52 cm. the chain attached with the bag is also removable which drops to about 16 cm. However, some customers have shown concerns regarding its durability. They noticed the gold chain showing wear between chain links after the first three weeks of use as if the gold coating on the chain was rubbing off, showing the original colour of the chain.

When customers wanted to exchange the damaged product, they faced quite a lot of difficulties in the process, a major one being the long length of unnecessary time it took. If you want to save yourself from facing such problems, we would suggest you look for a better product until Louis Vuitton takes care of all the pending requests.

Some customers have shown concerns regarding its durability.

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