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Stock These in your Makeup Stash If You Want Flawless Makeup

makeup brush

The number one essential, when it comes to makeup, is a makeup brush. This wand in your hand can give you all the power to transform yourself into the character of your imagination. We’ve got the perfect list for you. Have a look!

Is it just us or has the wind around the beauty industry transformed? Whoever it may be but, the beauty trends it is bringing along are worth it. As the year begins, your makeup should be on fleek. For that you need to have a suitable makeup brush. Now, looking for the perfect brush is no less tiring and testing like looking for a life partner which is why we are here to help. You can brush all your worries away by going through this list of beautiful beauty brushes that will make sure your makeup par excellence. Find your perfect beauty match here!

  • RAE MORRIS Personal 8 Brush Set and Plate
makeup brush

Price: approx. Rs. 47,080

  • WESTMAN ATELIER Eye Shadow Brush II

Price: approx. Rs. 7,060

  • ARTIS BRUSH Next Generation Elite Mirror Oval 7 Brush

Price: approx. Rs. 8,710

  • CHARLOTTE TILBURY Hollywood Complexion Brush

Price: approx. Rs. 3,420

  • RMS BEAUTY Retractable Luminizing Powder Brush

Price: approx. Rs. 4,590

  • NUBYEN + NET SUSTAIN Muse Highlighter Face Brush

Price: approx. Rs. 1,660

  • RAE MORRIS Jishaku 25 Fan Highlighter Brush

Price: approx. Rs. 4,490

  • HOURGLASS Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Brush

Price: approx. Rs. 5,750

  • TOM FORD BEAUTY Angled Brow Brush 16

Price: Rs. 8,960

  • LILAH B. All Over Brush #3

Price: approx. Rs. 2,870

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