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Dry Skins Will Never Win Without These

skin care

Do You Have a Dry Skin? Well, Check Out Some Products So That You Care for Your Skin, Like You Care for Your Child!

The season of winters has expanded its wings like an eagle while landing and we all have been feeling the crux of it. With the weather of snow and hot coffees, comes the skin problems prepacked. Our skin is like the portrayal of one’s hygiene.

Your skin unswervingly shows that how clean your habits are and how much care do you splurge upon it. Generally, winters honour the beginning of dry and cold air. On the contrary, skin problems are much lesser in summers because of the humid and hot temperatures.

These cold and dry winds come in contact with your naked skin and damage the outer layer as well as makes the skin cells numb. For this not to happen, we have to take the help of certain products designed to provide moisture to your skin.

For people with genetically dry skin, the problem gets worse and they have to be a little more cautious. But don’t you worry, we have got some amazing and revitalising products that would make your skin feel like it’s in the summers!

1. LANCOME, Absolue Purifying Brightening Gel Cleanser, approx. 6,200

skin care

Price approx. ₹6,200

2. SK-II, Ultimate Revival Essence (5 oz.), approx. 23,000

Price approx. 23,000

3. The Organic Pharmacy, Rose Diamond Face Cream (50 ml.), approx. 33,000

Price approx. 33,000

4. Obagi, Medical Professional-C Serum 20% (1 fl. oz.), approx. 10,500

Price approx. 10,500

5. Shiseido, Urban Environment Oil-Free UV Protector SPF 42 Sunscreen, approx. 4,000

Price approx. 4,000

6. ELEMIS, Pro-Definition Eye and Lip Contour Cream (0.5 fl. oz.), approx. 8,000

Price approx. 8,000

7. Natura Biss, Diamond Life Infusion Eye Serum, approx. 71,000

Price approx. 71,000

8. 111SKIN, Meso Infusion Overnight Micro Mask (4 count), approx. 12,000

Price approx. 12,000

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