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Shoe Love Is True Love!


There is always room for more sneakers, with these designers ruling the industry pick your ideal fit from the below mentioned pairs!

“I have enough sneakers,” said no man ever. When we hear the words, comfy, cool, and casual all it reminds us of is sneakers. Luxury brands have been unstoppable when it comes to shoes and have been dropping their extravagant pieces with each passing season.

Investing in a good pair has been paramount, with the rise of sneakerheads, luxury brands have crafted stylish shoes for every occasion. From endless options to choose from, we help you make that selection easy by bringing to you the best in business brands that are worth all the money. From Luxury brands like Off-White, Moncler to Prada, Amiri, and AWC, we have covered them all. Below mentioned each pair is unique, has something to offer, and definitely looks good.

Repeat after me, I deserve new shoes and Wait no more. Get your hands on these pairs of sneakers, add to your collection and make every pair count!

1. Amiri

Bone Runner,

approx ¹Rs. 58,800


Bone Runner

2. Berluti

Shadow Rubber and Suede-Trimmed Mesh Sneakers,

approx Rs. 1,03,500

Shadow Rubber and Suede-Trimmed Mesh Sneakers

3. Moncler

Leave No Trace Leather, Suede and Mesh Sneakers,

approx Rs. 62,000

Leave No Trace Leather, Suede and Mesh Sneakers

4. Balenciaga

Men’s all over Logo triple sneaker in green. 

approx Rs. 82,000

Men’s all over logo triple sneaker in green

5. Off-White

Out Of Office “Ooo” Sneakers,

approx Rs. 57,000

Out Of Office “Ooo” Sneakers

6. Christian Louboutin

Louis Junior Spikes Orlato Flat,

approx Rs. 68,000

Louis Junior Spikes Orlato Flat

7. Prada

A+P Luna Rossa 21 sneakers,

approx Rs. 53,000

A+P Luna Rossa 21 sneakers


Strand 180,

approx Rs. 27,000

Strand 180

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