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If You Call Yourself a Fashion Aficionado, Tell Us If You Have Heard of These Luxury Designers?


Here’s what the new designers from luxury fashion industry have in store for you. With their enchanting pieces of jewellery, they welcome the new season waves.

The luxury industry has seen many wonders this month. With various major events like Met Gala as well as Fashion Shows lined up, luxury brands missed no opportunity to showcase what they have got for us. In light of these events, we also witnessed several new designers showing up with their collections and leveling up the luxury fashion and accessory game. Needless to say, they did not disappoint. Here we have listed some unique jewellery from these fresh brands. Don’t forget to try them out!


FERNANDO JORGE, fluid black rhodium plated bracelet, approx. `2,87,160

SUZANNE KALAN, Rose Gold Sapphire and Diamond Ring, approx. `8,47,700

VADA Bubble Gold Aquamarine Ring, approx. `1,90,840

EERA Tokyo White Gold, Silver and Diamond, approx. `1,71,100

DUFFY JEWELLERY, Leo 18-Karat Gold and Cord Necklace, approx. `2,15,300

OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN, Julius Engraved Gold Ring, approx. `5,06,120

OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN, Gold and Diamond Necklace, approx. `14,71,700

VADA Bubble Gold Sapphire Bracelet, approx. `13,50,800

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