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Happy Hour with Paloma drink


The sunny days are here and if you are missing going out to the beach or having a treehouse weekly get together with your bunch of friends over drinks, then worry no more! This time you can learn to have DIY chilled cocktails which are quick and can easily set you afresh for the day! We are talking about one such popular tequila-based drink called Paloma that is widely savoured in Mexico. Paloma is going to kick you into overdrive with its tangy, sweet-sour and salty punch! So it seems like it’s a great concoction of all major flavours, however, you can customize it as per your taste. So if you want to give a break to the madness of Margarita, then this one is a close competition. Moreover, what differentiates it from Margarita is grapefruit juice which is low on calories and good for the immune system, so have it without worrying about weight. Now gear up for this three-minute to make drink and invite your friends to have a Paloma Party at home!

Ingredients: Tequila: 2 ounces

Fresh Grapefruit Juice: 2 ounces

Sparkling water: 2 ounces

Lime Juice: ½ ounces

Agave Nectar (optional): ½ ounce

Coarse Sea Salt: For the rim of the glass

Ice: 1 cup


So if you want to give a break to the madness of Margarita, then this one is a close competition.


Step 1: Rub the grapefruit wedge on the rim of the glass and dip it into the salt plate so that it sits on the rim

Step 2: Mix tequila, grapefruit juice, lime juice, agave nectar and sparkling water into the glass and fill the remaining glass with ice

Step 3: Add sweetness to taste and garnish with grapefruit.



1. If you feel you’d want more sweetness in the drink then add a splash of agave to balance the tartness. Those who wish for more tanginess can squeeze more lime juice as per their taste

2. If the drink is too strong for you then let the ice melt by keeping the glass in room temperature for a few minutes and then savour it! It will dilute the flavours a little bit but if it’s still hard on taste then pour some sparkling water.

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