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Take Risk, Play Big: Melisa Gun


Doctor, model and fitness enthusiast Melisa Gun has many experiences under her belt. She wants to live her life to the fullest and become the best version of herself every single day. With the mantra of taking the risk and playing big, she strives for bigger achievements as a model and a neurosurgeon, each passing day. In a candid conversation with us, she talks about her goals, success mantra, motherhood, Arijit Singh, India and a lot more.

You are studying medicine. How did modelling appear in your life? Which was first: modelling or medical school you went to?

The choice of my profession was determined by very important circumstances in my family. A person, that is very close to me, was severely ill. Therefore, I had decided to become a doctor then and there, with an aim to save peoples lives. Presently I am studying in the third year of medical school. I will receive a degree in the field of neurosurgery, soon after the completion of my course. So medical school happened first. But being a model is very important too, as it gives me an opportunity to explore hidden dimensions of my personality. After my very first shoot, I had realised how each outfit, I wore, had helped me see myself in a different spectrum. I feel inspired and excited by being a model.

fashion shoot

I feel inspired and excited by being a model.

Which country are you originally from? What do you miss the most about your childhood and native country?

I was born in Kuadas a lovely resort town on the western bank of Turkey, the Aegean coast. I think that childhood is the most important and exciting time in someone’s life. My father is an ethnic Turk who can be described as an energetic person, due to that my childhood was filled with love, kindness and enormous energy floating around. I always tried being the first and the best. When I was a child, I was keen on dancing. I often participated in dance competitions in Italy, Greece, France etc, and always took the spotlight, more than other participants. Memories of my childhood keep reminding me of life’s values, such as freedom, kindness and care. However, there were rough patches too. Growing in a Muslim country for a girl demands certain rules to be followed when at home or not. For example, a man is always right, keep your thoughts to yourself, stay home and raise kids. I used to follow those rules unwillingly therefore I didn’t feel free for a long time. But now, I have moved on and my childhood memories make me smile and remember happy moments only.

Memories of my childhood keep reminding me of life’s values, such as freedom, kindness and care.

You have so many things to do, what does your daily schedule look like? How do you do time management for performing these many duties?

Expecting strokes of luck or spur of the moment doesn’t make you a successful person. Success comes as a result of continuous work, commitment and perseverance and not due to believing in luck blindly. My success is based on thorough preparation for a day, a week, a month and so on. I schedule my plans, trips, meetings as well as my immediate goals earnestly. Modern lifestyle includes social media, which consumes hours each day, for example, Instagram feed. I try to distribute my time carefully to keep up with everything.

You do a lot of things including modelling, practising medicine, shooting, adventure sports, fitness workouts and motherly duties…but which of these activities define you most accurately? What is your personal favourite?

Being a mother is 24/7 work. For me, this is the realisation of a woman’s life goal. At the same time, it shouldn’t consume you, self-improvement is a must. You are a living example for your children. There is only one life and it’s up to us to make it meaningful and outstanding. Raising my son, studying for neurosurgery, modelling, practising rafting, shooting, doing a triathlon, riding a motorcycle are the activities that characterize me differently. Each one of them has an important place in my life. My activities help me accept changes, grow as an individual and know myself better. There is a stereotype of single-mother which describes her life as two things children and home. I built my life without following stereotypes or any restrictions. Instead of that, I set my goals and achieved them. Living without stereotypes, as I do, inspires, helps reconsider life approaches and values.

Being a mother is 24/7 work. For me, this is the realisation of a woman’s life goal.

Who do you dream of working with next and why?

I would like to become the new face of Valentino. Valentino Garavani is a famous Italian fashion designer, the founder of luxury fashion house Valentinoâ. His work is always sophisticated, exquisite and a perfect fit. The brand uses expensive fabrics and hand-made decorations. His work was appreciated by famous people such as Jacqueline Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor etc. Valentinos dresses often appear at Oscar ceremonies. Unfortunately, the great designer left the fashion world in 2007. In 2008 during Paris Fashion Week his final show was held. That time, every model wore red dress, the audience gave standing ovations to pay tribute to his work.

Do you believe in sustainable fashion? Kindly share your thoughts about this topic.

I believe in sustainable fashion. Sustainable brands typically focus on recycling unsold clothes, use innovative materials and new strategies. A number of fashion brands produce eco-friendly clothes or use fully recyclable clothes. Such clothes last longer. I think, ultimately people will switch to eco-friendly clothes.

I believe in sustainable fashion.

How are you preparing to participate in the New York Fashion Week? Any special collaboration, or any specific fitness routine that you do, aiming the fashion week?

I am keen on sports and my lifestyle is quite active so physically I am always fit. While preparing for New York Fashion Week, I work on my nutrition and also, grow my network with designers.

How would you define your fashion sense?

It is hard to describe. I enjoy being different. My look depends on my mood of the day.

You are a single mother. According to you, what sort of challenges and opportunities one may find as a single mother?

I try being both a mother and a father for my son. I do my best to make him happy. Being a single mother means being multitasked as you have to keep up to everything. Society often refuses to treat women equal to men, especially when a woman is a single parent. It looks down upon single mothers, trying to achieve their goals. However, I look at it in a different perspective. Such behaviour of the society motivates me to set better examples for my son. Although, it is hard to keep up financially and physically but motherhood is the best thing that happened to me. I do my best for raising my son. Also, I am trying to create his bright future as well as providing him with the best education possible.

I enjoy being different. My look depends on my mood of the day.

You said giving good education to your son is your dream. What is the value of good education in one’s life according to you?

They say a daughter sees her worth through her dads eyes, a son through his mother’s. Every mother wants her son to become a worthy man: strong, wise, courageous and a real support and protection for his parents and his future family. A good education provides not only professional knowledge but also basic life values of being happy such as respect, making decisions and setting priorities.

What are your future plans? Do you see yourself collaborating with any Indian brands? Do you plan a visit to India in future?

There are so many things which I have been wishing for, from learning how to surf to becoming a world-famous model. I would love to collaborate with Indian brands. India is a country of gorgeous architecture and centuries-long history. It is worth visiting. I would love to visit India. 

Every mother wants her son to become a worthy man: strong, wise, courageous and a real support and protection for his parents and his future family.

Rapid Fire

Your life mantra – Keep it real

Your dream destination is – Become a billionaire

When not working, you love doing – Chilling

Your favourite pet – Wild cat Savannah 1

Your favourite drink – Churchill 

You’re inspired by – Strong personalities 

Your all-time favourite chartbuster – Arijit Singh – Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

Your favourite cuisine is – Turkish 

Best advice you’ve ever got – Your life is your responsibility. Never allow anybody get control over it

One tip to make it big – Take risk, play big

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